Babicz Full Contact Hardware

The FCH saddle provides for vastly increased dynamic range, sustain, and pitch stability by utilizing Jeff Babicz's unique 'cam' saddle assembly, which replaces the conventional twin set screw system typically employed to transfer string resonance to the body of the guitar. The design also allows for unprecedented adjustment and locking capabilities; after adjusting the extremely precise individual string height and individual string intonation settings, the entire saddle assembly then locks in place for total stability. This level of performance is simply not found on any other bridge systems in the market, and is protected under U.S. Patent No. 8,525,008.  

 The Babicz FCH technology has already gained the enthusiastic acceptance of many of the music community's most esteemed artists. As the technology is applicable to virtually all guitar and bass bridges, FCH has been able to make an impact in nearly every genre of contemporary music. FCH is now used by renowned players in all styles, from Metal bands like Anthrax, Shadows Fall and Fates Warning, to Jazz and R&B legends like Spryo Gyra and Tower of Power, and Country icons Dierks Bentley and Parmalee. One of the more significant converts to FCH is legendary bassist Jeff Berlin, who previously was recognized for establishing Leo Quann/ Badass as an industry standard, and now insists on Babicz FCH bridges exclusively.

We currently offer FCH in many of the most popular variations, between the Original Series and zinc alloy Z Series: Telecaster (single coil and humbucker), 6 Point Tremolo, 2 Point Tremolo, HardTail, Tune-O-Matic, 4 and 5 string bass (including 'string-through-body' designs) and even individual retrofitting replacement saddles.


Click here for the 2014 Original FCH catalog!  To see how the Babicz Full Contact Hardware saddle works, check out the video out here.