Haramis Hardware

Truly a return to the art form of being “handcrafted”. When the idea for creating a new hardware line was developing, new methods for creating this hardware had to be developed as well. The old methods of injection molding or modern 3D printing wouldn’t work for the new hardware that features vast color variations and dramatic multi-color swirls. Much more attention and hand detail was required to achieve the dramatic effects found in Haramis Musical Hardware.  To achieve the customized, dramatic effects found in our hardware, a hands on approach at all facets of production was needed.

Our proprietary methods are as specialized and unique as our hardware, and admittedly they wouldn’t work for many other plastic casting productions, but that is also what sets us apart.  As opposed to other hardware on the market that utilizes surface printed designs that lack depth of color and realism, our proprietary casting methods require an artist’s careful touch to bring them to life.  The colors produced are vibrant and vivid with a truly 3D appearance.

All color blending, fitting and polishing is carefully done by hand, insuring that each piece of hardware is a one of a kind work of art.  All of our hardware is produced in small batches to keep the quality high and the colors unique.  The goal of Haramis Musical Hardware is to make hardware that is no longer an overlooked afterthought, but an essential artful creation that will truly give your treasured instrument personality.

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