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AP International, distributors of Floyd Rose, KTS Titanium, Brubaker Basses, ProRockGear
Accessories, Kahuna Ukuleles, R&B Special Guitars, Nobels Pedals, and Schaller have now joined
ProActive Website's e-Commerce network powered by Cutting-Edge Solutions. This means that dealers
can now get a new website preloaded with all authorized products from the aforementioned brands.
Dealers may fill orders from their own stock or, with a click of the mouse, upload the order to AP
International for drop-shipping.
Floyd Rose products are now available, including their legendary and coveted tremolo systems to their
extensive line of authentic upgradable parts and guitars.
KTS Titanium is known for their high-quality Titanium guitar parts including bridges, saddles, and truss
rods. Their titanium parts feature longer sustain, clearer note definition, improved harmonic response and
sensitivity, tuning stability, and weight relief, along with much more.
Brubaker's Brute Series JJX and MJX basses are coveted for their quality and flexibility. Available in 4
or 5 string, they feature a solid Nato body, satin-finished maple neck, and unique combination of active
preamp and passive pickups.
ProRockGear carries a diverse line of quality stands, cases, bags, and audio accessories and is quickly
becoming a go-to brand for musical instrument accessories.
Kahuna makes quality ukuleles for all skill levels and practices. From their beginner models to the
professional Fishman pickup-equipped models, Kahuna Ukes combine beauty, practicality, and sonic
The Nobels ODR-1 Overdrive has been rated the best overdrive by Nashville session guitarists and
beloved by many others for its range of warm tube-like drive to screaming crunch and sustain.
About AP International:
AP International services the Music Instrument industry on a global scale by supplying only the finest
leading brands. With over 30 years of experience our mission is to focus on quality, innovation, and
customer service with a goal to provide the best products at the best price to our customers. Our
background stretches across manufacturing, distribution, sales, and marketing, ensuring we have the best
products at the most competitive pricing.
For more information and to view available inventory, visit shop.apintl.com/