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About Floyd Rose

The Floyd Rose Locking Tremolo, or simply Floyd Rose, is the first locking tremolo arm for guitar of its kind. Invented in 1977, Floyd Rose gained popularity in the 1980s through influential guitarists like Eddie Van Halen, Neal Schon, Brad Gillis, Joe Satriani, and Steve Vai, who used its ability to stay in tune even with extreme changes in pitch to invent new guitar licks. Its tuning stability comes through the double-locking design that has been widely regarded as revolutionary; the design has been listed on both Guitar World magazine's "10 Most Earth Shaking Guitar Innovations" as well as Guitar Player's "101 Greatest Moments in Guitar History 1979-1983". View the Floyd Rose site.

Pure Tone Technologies

The Pure Tone Output Jack was created as a result of constant failures of the current production jack models that have been available on the market until now.  As it turns out, the 100 year old audio jack  design really needed some changes to make it road worthy!

The standard jack utilizes a pressure ground and a single hot positive connection; as actual grounds are not connected to the sleeve, the pressure of the tip dictates how good the ground is, resulting in inferior sound quality (I.e., that “static sound”).   Not only is the signal strength compromised and weaker, the actual sound is inferior because you never have a solid ground and the poor connection at the tip contact is so minimal. View the Pure Tone site.

About Ray Ross

Rather than utilizing a traditional saddle to provide a string break, the Ray Ross™ features a tone pin that keeps the string completely straight from the bridge to the nut; this concept removes the “kink” from the string, providing increased vibrational energy through the strings and into the body of the instrument.  This feature allows maximum transference to the instrument so you can get the most of the bass itself, not solely the color of the bridge.  Comprised of solid brass, the residual tone you do get from the bridge is articulate, resonant, and full-bodied.

About ProRockGear

Created by some of the rock and roll world's greatest insiders, the ProRock Gear line of instrument cases, stands and accessories are some of the best made on the planet. With years of experience touring with the biggest bands in the world, ProRock Gear has developed stylish, durable and most importantly, usable gig accessories. Whether you are playing in the garage or headlining a coast to coast tour, ProRock Gear has the stuff that will keep your equipment safe and in tune.  Visit prorockgear.com for more information.

About Kahuna Ukuleles

Kahuna Ukuleles has debuted a brand new line of ukes, ranging from beginner instruments to professional models, including the Fishman EQ-equipped KUS70MP-E acoustic/electric.  Various models are available with laser-etched animals and floral patterns, printed graphics, painted, and natural finishes in soprano, concert, and tenor styles. 

About KTS America

KTS America is one of the most revered guitar and bass hardware manufacturers in the world. KTS manufactures titanium saddles for Tele and Strat type guitars, Jazz Basses, Mustangs, tune-o-matics and wraparound tailpieces. When traditional stock hardware just won't cut it, professionals choose KTS. View the KTS-America site.

About Schaller

Going back over 60 years, Schaller has been one of the pioneers in guitar hardware manufacturing and innovation. Whether it’s machine heads, tremolos, strap locks, pickups or accessories, no other company combines the same wealth of expertise, and such a great number of world's firsts and patents, with such an illustrious clientele as Schaller. View the Schaller site.