Distribution Lines

Floyd Rose

The Floyd Rose Locking Tremolo, or simply Floyd Rose, is the first locking tremolo arm for a guitar of its kind. Invented in 1977, Floyd Rose gained popularity in the 1980s through influential guitarists like Eddie Van Halen, Neal Schon, Brad Gillis, Joe Satriani, and Steve Vai, who used its ability to stay in tune even with extreme changes in pitch to invent new guitar licks. Its tuning stability comes through the double-locking design that has been widely regarded as revolutionary; the design has been listed on both Guitar World magazine's "10 Most Earth Shaking Guitar Innovations" as well as Guitar Player's "101 Greatest Moments in Guitar History 1979-1983". View the Floyd Rose site.


Created by some of the rock and roll world's greatest insiders, the ProRock Gear line of instrument cases, stands and accessories are some of the best made on the planet. With years of experience touring with the biggest bands in the world, ProRock Gear has developed stylish, durable and most importantly, usable gig accessories. Whether you are playing in the garage or headlining a coast to coast tour, ProRock Gear has the stuff that will keep your equipment safe and in tune.

Babicz Full Contact Hardware

The FCH saddle provides for vastly increased dynamic range, sustain, and pitch stability by utilizing Jeff Babicz's unique 'e-CAM' saddle assembly, which replaces the conventional twin set screw system typically employed to transfer string resonance to the body of the guitar. The design also allows for unprecedented adjustment and locking capabilities; after adjusting the extremely precise individual string height and individual string intonation settings, the entire saddle assembly then locks in place for total stability.  View the FCH site.

Brubaker Instruments

Quality and customization are the two adjectives that best describe Brubaker Basses and Guitars. Kevin Brubaker and his team of artisans have been building some of the most beautiful looking and sounding instruments in the world. By using top of the line woods and materials, the Brubaker Brute series of basses are gaining a tremendous following. View the Brubaker site.


Going back over 60 years, Schaller has been one of the pioneers in guitar hardware manufacturing and innovation. Whether it’s machine heads, tremolos, strap locks, pickups or accessories, no other company combines the same wealth of expertise, and such a great number of world's firsts and patents, with such an illustrious clientele as Schaller. View the Schaller site.

KTS America

KTS America is one of the most revered guitar and bass hardware manufactures in the world. KTS manufactures titanium saddles for Tele types, Strat types, Jazz Bass, Mustang, tune-o-matics and wraparound tailpieces. When traditional stock hardware just won't cut it, professionals choose KTS. View the KTS-America site.

Power Pins™

The Power Pins™ system increases bridge-to-soundboard contact, amplifies and improves tone and resonance, and makes the string replacement process quicker and simpler. A shallower string break angle on the saddle noticeably eases string action. The bridge plate is also protected from string-groove damage. No alterations to the instrument are required; Installation is as simple as removing the existing pins, placing in the Power Pins, and securing them from the bottom of the saddle with the included nut and washer.