Created by some of the rock and roll world's greatest insiders, the ProRockGear line of instrument cases, stands and accessories are some of the best made on the planet. With years of experience touring with the biggest bands in the world, ProRockGear has developed stylish, durable and most importantly, usable gig accessories. Whether you are playing in the garage or headlining a coast to coast tour, ProRockGear has the stuff that will keep your equipment safe and in tune.

The primary purpose of instrument cases is to protect, but that doesn't mean they can't look good too.  The experts at ProRockGear have created some of the most durable and cool looking cases on the market.  The recent release of the Legend Series cases exemplifies this perfectly.  Bass & guitar travel cases, soft gig bags and gear cases, ProRockGear makes them all.  The perfect combination of durability and style.

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Stands & Accessories:
Whether you're just jamming with your friends in the garage or touring the country, having durable instruments stands is a necessity.  ProRockGear designs and produces stands for guitars, basses, microphones and sheet music.  With a wide variety of styles and features, there's a ProRockGear stand for any use or setting.  Every musician has their core gear, instrument, travel case, pedals and amps.  The people behind ProRockGear have created a series of necessary accessories suitable for all levels of musicians.  You name it, they make it!  Microphone Covers....Check, Guitar Tuners...Check, Straps & Strap Locks...Check!   Quality with style, the ProRockGear accessory collection hits all the right notes.

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Before you get the band back together, make sure you get back in tune with the entire ProRockGear brand!